My first job was as video editor. It's an humble job that teaches you the essence of the video and production quality. When you watch the same 3 seconds of video over and over you start noticing all the details and all the imperfections. When I moved from PC and timelines to Camera and Lights I realized how useful was that experience. In the set time is expensive, every second could cost thousand of euros, so being cost effective is a must. Knowing what is going to be during the editing process helps me to give priority of the shots that really matter, saving time and money.
- Assistant Director
- Editing (Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve)
- Color Correction and Color Grading (Davinci Resolve)
- Director of Photography
- Camera Operator

- Canon 5D mk4
- Canon 80D
- Sony FS5
- Blackmagic Production Camera

- Canon 24-70mm F4L IS USM
- Sigma 17-50 F2.8 OS
- Canon 100mm F2.8 USM
- Canon 24mm F2.8 STM
- Canon 50mm F1.8 STM
- Canon 18-55mm F3.5 STM
Video Works

Camera Operator: Salvatore Allotta

​​​​​​​1st Assistant Director: Salvatore Allotta
Production: Late Nights (​​​​​​​
2nd Assistant Director: Salvatore Allotta
Drone Shots Director: Salvatore Allotta
Production: Late Nights (​​​​​​​
1st Assistant Director: Salvatore Allotta
2nd Assistant Director: Salvatore Allotta​​​​​​​
Production: Late Nights (​​​​​​​